Let's Talk About Enriched Breads!

Who loves eating cinnamon buns? I don't think I know anyone that doesn't love a good, soft cinnamon bun. Cinnamon buns get their doughy, soft texture from being an enriched bread. These breads have doughs enriched with whole eggs, generous portions of sugar and fat and sometimes exotic spices and dried fruits.

Eggs in enriched dough provide elasticity and stickiness. Eggs are what finish the bread with a beautiful golden color. Butter, on the other hand, gives the dough softness to the crumb and crust. Sugar also contributes to dough color and a soft product, but too much sugar can slow yeast activity. This can inhibit the product's rise.

Some examples of enriched breads include brioche, challah, baba, savarin, and the cinnamon bun!

The last bit of knowledge regarding enriched breads I will impart on you is that they differ from lean breads in almost every way. From ingredient content, the combination of ingredients, consistency of the dough, to the length of rising time, enriched breads and lean breads are independent from each other. So, the next time you pick up a loaf of buttery goodness, you'll remember how it got its crumb and crust!

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