The Mystery Box

We completed our second week of mystery box subscriptions last weekend! It has been a creative experience coming up with the mystery box menu for each week. Our goal has been to bake and include Mrs. G's Bakery menu items in each box in order to share our offerings and to receive feedback on fan favorites.

Week 1 (February 2nd) the kick off for our mystery boxes showcased the following pastries:

+ Banana Walnut Bread

+ Raspberry Almond Tea Cake

+ Nutella Cinnamon Bun

+ Lemon Rosemary Scone

+ Blueberry Muffin

The mystery box winner was the Raspberry Almond Tea Cake. We received strong feedback from multiple customers to bring this item back in next mystery boxes. We promise this pastry will definitely make a reoccurrence!

Week 2 (February 23rd) included the following five pastries:

+ Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

+ Strawberry Jam Filled Donut

+ Cherry Walnut Cookie

+ Date & Pistachio Bar

+ Cranberry Orange Bread

There was almost a unanimous agreement that the Cherry Walnut Cookie was the mystery box winner! I would have to agree that this was also my personal favorite pastry along with the Date & Pistachio Bar. Nomnomnomm

Our next mystery box is scheduled for March 15th and we are working hard on our menu! We wanted to take the time to ask about what your favorite pastries are and what you would love to see in the next mystery box. Comment with your pastry desires and we will do our best to accomodate.

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